Scratch Card Promotion Ideas

Our custom printed scratch cards are a great marketing tool for your business. Printed onto a 300gsm Board with a biodegradable latex. They are one of the most popular promotional printed items that we produce. They can be used to give away discounts, as loyalty reward schemes, promotions & raising charity funds.

There are many uses for using Scratch cards, and we are always getting asked for ideas on promoting and marketing business. Have a look below at some ideas

Scratch Card Printing for Fundraising

One of the most popular reasons for printing scratch cards is for fundraising. Whether it’s for a charity, local school or organisation these cards are an effective way of raising funds and generating donations. You can have winner cards printed and sell the cards to raise some money. However, there are specific rules for running a scratch card campaign. These rules can be found on the CAP website here.

Scratch Cards for Direct Mail Campaigns

Use scratch cards with Direct Mail Campaigns. They can be attached to brochures, invites and postcards. The can be used to give discount codes for your products or services.

Printed Scratch Cards For Sports Club

Increase your memberships and sales with custom printed scratch cards. They can advertise your events and could give away free sessions, free tickets or discounts. They can also be used to give away merchandise for your sports club. You can partner with local businesses and offer prizes from them. They can increase your advertising and marketing.

Marketing For Night Clubs

Nightclubs can promote their events with Scratchcards. Scratch off prizes could include drinks, free entry or VIP packages. If they are given out at your Club, they could entice your customers to revisit your Club on another night.

Exhibition Promotions

Using our cards at Exhibitions generate interest in your stand. Give away training, promotions or prizes. The cards are an “ice breaker” for your Sales Team to use to get talking to potential visitors.  For more ideas on Exhibitions have a read of our blog here.

Employee Incentives

Using cards as regular prize giveaways can be based on Sales, customer service, innovation or hitting targets. The prizes could be a free cup of coffee, an extra day off, free lunch with the boss! The ideas are endless.

In-Store Promotions

Communicate with your client base with printed scratch cards. You can use the cards to gather client feedback, promote services or other products.

Restaurants and Take-aways

Give customers cards with orders, enticing them to come back and tase something new when they place a new order. Or if you are a restaurant they may come back in to claim their prize. iF you own a pizza shop have a look at our blog on “Marketing your Pizza Business”


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