How To Make The Perfect Postcard For 2021


Personalising your postcard is very important. Personalisation, as a whole, is the best way to attract an audience. Personalised content appeals to the reader more as it, in a way, talks directly to them. It creates a more lasting image of your brand and makes it more noticeable among other small businesses. The best way to personalise your brand is to have the same colour scheme on the postcard as you have on your logo if you have difficulties deciding your colour scheme go on and have a look at our colour scheme blog. It goes without saying, of course, your logo should also be present on your postcard. A useful tip in personalisation would be handwritten postcards. This shows that your business took out time and put their effort in to just go that extra mile. This, without doubt, would be appreciated by your audience.


Though fonts do not seem as important, they actually play a huge factor in your audience’s attraction. 75% of adults in the world use vision correction products. So this means most people would be attracted to postcards or any printed material which has a bigger font. You also want to use simple fonts as opposed to fancy ones. This is simple because it takes longer for the brain to process and react to. If you include a simple font, the human body would respond quicker, and you’re more likely to have more interaction with your audience.


If you want to have a more vintage approach to designing your postcard, handwritten postcards certainly send out good vibes. Handwritten postcards come under one of the ways you can personalise your postcard. It’s hard to have a specific font for handwritten postcards, so it would be better to hire a professional handwriting or calligraphy artist subject to your needs. Just like the matter of the font, I would advise to keep it simple. Handwritten content should be reflected as elegant and fancy, but at the same time readable. You just have to describe the style you want to your professional handwriting and bam, there you have it: a handwritten masterpiece of a postcard.

The only thing that would make it even more thrilling is if you practised your handwriting and signed every single one of the postcards. Even though it seems like many people don’t look into this, anyone who received the postcard would feel special.

Paper quality

Pare quality is something that most people don’t consider and thereof forgetting its importance. The paper’s texture and quality actually can lose you a member of your potential audience or help you gain them. 

Which paper to use?

  1. 80-100 gsm: this is a standard paper which is more likely to be used in offices
  2. 100-170 gsm: this range is classified as light card
  3. 170-220 gsm: this is ideal for layering and matting
  4. 220-280 gms: this is the most common weight used for a postcard
  5. 280-350 gsm: this is the most popular weight. This gives the audience high quality and expensive feel. This will attract more audience.

Postcard Templates

Templates are a quicker and more efficient way to design your postcards and manage the layout. Templates often also take care of the colour scheme or let you decide. Most people prefer to have a template then having to start from scratch. Though this is time-efficient, many businesses use this tool, and the layout of your postcard can clash with the layout of the postcard. This applies for leaflets and brochures as well as any printed material. One of the ways you access the templates is This is a highly trusted site which allows you to do many things. It’s a multi-use tool, mainly for graphic designing.

New postcard trends

The audience prefers those businesses who follow the trend or if you want to aim bigger: those businesses who start the trend. One of the trends is oversized postcards. Some even go up to this size of 8″ x13.5″. The standards size for postcards are usually 6″ x9″. So if you’re thinking of designing a postcard, keep this handy tip in mind. Another handy tip would be to wrap your postcard in cellophane. This weird but useful tip works every time. It can make your customer or your audience feel as if the postcard is unique and important. 

Make your own trends.

This can be tricky, but it would be worth it. Imagine being the leader instead of the follower. You would start the trend instead of following them like every other person on the Internet. One of the things that are going viral is interactive programs. If you could incorporate an interactive theme to your postcard, it would show your customers a unique side to your business which they might have not even seen before. An easy way to incorporate an interactive theme is pop out tabs, one of the old fashioned creative techniques. This could have your customers reminiscing to the days they were young. 

What to write

What you can write on a postcard is relatively limited. You would need to get your point through in a limited amount of words without being too straightforward. Many small businesses add a lot of ‘fluff’ to make their words and announcements softer. Meaning the way you write affects your audience just like everything about your business. If you are too straightforward, your business can come about as harsh and impolite. Sometimes it can be hard to get your message through a postcard, but it’s easier if you think of it as a social media post.

Postcards v.s Social Media

If you think about it, social media posts and postcards aren’t that different. Honestly there very much the same. You can post a picture with a caption geotagging it and mentioning other users. Can you see the pattern? When your mind mapping ideas of what to include on your postcard, thinking of it as an Instagram post. First, of course, you would need an image—something to do with your brand image and business. For example, if your business includes nature, you might want to include a waterfall photo or an exotic place.

City Life

On the other hand, if your brand image has to do with city life, you might prefer a picture of New York City, London or other big cities. When you finalise your concept, remember that it reflects your brand image. You could potentially lose customers and clients with this mistake. It would also make you look less professional and inexperienced. So the only difference between these two would be that Postcards are more personal and social media is pretty common.

Don’t do this

Though mistakes are common and inevitably unavoidable, you should at least be aware of the most common mistakes. The most common mistake is including long and complicated messages. Might as well have bored the customer to death. This will switch off the customer’s interest within seconds. Another mistake is not including your social media handles in the postcard. If the customer wanted more information and more products from you, they would obviously want to see your performance in the world of social media. Your products would have reviews and comments to give them a chance to see if your product is really worth their money.

Motivating Offers

The third most common mistake is not including a motivating offer. A motivating offer is beneficial for you and your business. If your offer does not meet the customer’s expectations or desires, they wouldn’t even consider it. Instead of doing something ordinary like a buy one get one free offer, you might want to get out of your comfort zone and try to work with different offers to intrigue your audience.

Stand out

Adding different textures or coatings onto your makes your postcard has individuality, and it reflects your brand as a whole. Show that you are not just about your audience and customers but the environment. This can be quickly done by using ‘green’ options, like using recycled cards or such. This makes your customers feel good about themselves. The way you make your customers feel reflects on the growth of your business. Jeff Bezos, the expert on customer services, once said “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

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