Dissertation Binding

Your dissertation or thesis is the end product at the completion of your undergraduate or postgraduate degree or PhD, and it heavily influences the result that you come out with. Read below to see some ideas and handy info for Dissertation Binding.

Your dissertation is one of the most important pieces of work that you will create and usually takes hundreds of hours to produce. Universities have very specific instructions on how your dissertation should be presented and bound.

Read your university’s Dissertation Binding instructions properly

Every university has different binding instructions and rules. There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to binding dissertations, so you must read your instructions carefully.

There are many types of binding, and usually, there are different names for describing dissertation binding too. With different types of binding, there are different ways to set up your covers.

Have a look at Wire-bindingHardback Binding and also Softback binding examples and costs.

Send in a copy to your dissertation Binding printer to check

It’s best to be prepared and to contact your printer or bookbinding specialist beforehand. You should make sure that the cover will work with the specific binding method requested by your university. If you turn up to bind your dissertation and there is a problem at the last minute, you could end up with a dissertation that doesn’t look as good as you wanted it to. It could fall below your expectations.

It’s always a good idea to send the cover of your dissertation into your printer beforehand too. This way, your dissertation print company can check your files and send you a proof of the cover before your deadline and point out anything that might not work. This includes text that may be too close to the spine and fonts that don’t work. Or it could be just a bad design that doesn’t look good when printed.

Get a proof copy first 

It’s always advisable to get a simple wire bound proof copy of your dissertation before printing. This will give you a feel for how the final version will look and offer you an opportunity to check things like spacing, fonts and general readability.

Get someone else to read through your dissertation

Your dissertation has probably been written and rewritten a hundred times. If there are mistakes, they will often be very simple and easily corrected. You may not spot them yourself. You will be blind to most of the mistakes in your dissertation. so it’s always a good idea to ask a family member or someone who does not know your subject to have a read through. They may not know the subject but will often notice if a line of text is missing or a simple spelling mistake is present.

Get two copies produced

If the worst happens and your dissertation is lost or destroyed in an accident, it’s best to have an extra copy. It is always good to have an extra copy for yourself as a resource too.

Convert your dissertation to PDF before printing

When using Word or Publisher, fonts can change when sending to print. It does not always happen, but it can do. This can lead to ‘flowing of text’. This means that the last sentence can fall off the page. If you convert your dissertation to a PDF file before printing, what you see on your screen will be exactly what your dissertation print specialist will see. PDF printing is a more secure way of producing printed dissertations and a safer way to produce your dissertation.

Don’t leave your dissertation printing to the last minute

Leaving the printing of your dissertation to the last minute is the worst thing you can do. There could be an unforeseen circumstance, like a power cut, car breakdown or adverse weather. This could lead to you missing your deadline. It’s advisable not to leave anything to chance and not to assume anything.

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