Are you a newly started business?

If the answer is yes. First of all, Congratulations! It is time to start distributing content. This article will discuss free fonts and where to get them.

Is your business already established?

If you are an already established corporation and looking to update your website with funky and quirky fonts to keep up with the latest trends – you have come to the right place! 

Here you will learn the best websites to receive up-to-date fonts to get your website looking brand new (again). 


Typography and Fonts

What is it?

Typography is the style and appearance of a printed/online object. Typography is so important in all types of designs, ranging from product packaging to mobile apps, brand names and many more. There are eight essential universal typographical design elements that you should consider such as;

  1. Typeface
  2. Hierarchy
  3. Contrast
  4. Consistency
  5. Alignment
  6. Whitespace
  7. Colour

If you develop a basic understanding upon these typographies, you will broaden the possibilities in revolutionizing any design product you produce.


Why is typography important? Free Fonts and where To Find Them

An example of poor typography was at the 2017 Oscars, which connotes the reasons why typography is so important. Poor typography was to blame for giving the Best Picture award to the wrong film, creating an immense miscarriage. The creative strategist identified the simplest change in font and design that could have helped avoid such an embarrassing incident.


Typeface – Free Fonts and Where To Find Them

A typeface are characters that have the same design as your font. The idea is to research all types of different fonts to find the one that is right for your brand. Try and find one that is unique and stands out from your competitors – but is also easy for consumers to read and acknowledge. 



Hierarchy is not just the size; it is more related to the prominence of your typographic elements concerning one another. Creating an appropriate hierarchy should usually begin with a sketch in which you layout the most important features to the least important. Web designers generally establish typographic hierarchy by using the tags <h1>, <h2>… continuously. 



Contrast is often overlooked when selecting colours for your typography and overall design. The most common mistake is placing black text on a white background. This is too much contrast! Do not worry because this is the easiest mistake to fix. Notice on successful already established businesses that their webpages black text on the white background isn’t black, look closely and discover that it is grey. This technique removes the contrast so that the viewer can easily read and absorb all the information on your website. 



Whitespace is significant in headers and large type while it is not essential in paragraphs and small type. The process of equalising the appearance of whitespace between characters is called ‘kerning’. 



Colour works actively alongside contrast. An easy strategy to identify whether your design has enough contrast is to convert it to grayscale. As a result, this allows you to see the value of the colours easily. Another trick is to squint your eyes and if you can no longer tell the difference between the two colours (background and text) you didn’t have enough contrast.  


Hunting to find the right font to fit your brand identity? Well, this can be challenging and expensive. I have reviewed several free font websites and have shortlisted the ones that I believe are the most useful. However, there are some limitations and things you should consider before using free fonts that I have listed below.


Things To Consider Before Using Free Fonts

You need to be aware that by using free fonts does not mean you own the rights to them. Most free fonts come with limited licences, meaning you can only use them with personal projects. Although, some websites offer free fonts that come with commercial licenses allowing you to use their font designs exclusively. Remember to always check the licence for each font before using them. We understand the expenses of running a business can become costly; therefore, we believe you shouldn’t have to spend money on purchasing new fonts. For that reason I have listed a few website links below to get free fonts for your brand:


Free Fonts and Where To Find  Them


Google Fonts (


Google Fonts


Google Fonts is one of the top websites to pop up once you have searched for “free fonts” featuring over 800 ranges of fonts. The sites state that they “believe the best way to bring personality and performance to websites and products is through great design and technology” and therefore inspired them to develop the website: google fonts.

This site is an extensive catalogue of free, open-source fonts for the use of any entity and purpose catering for websites to printed brochures. Making it as easy as possible for you to choose the perfect font offering over 800 font choices, Google structures a smooth browsing experience.

There is a feature on their site to basket your favourite font designs. This is great for picking out your favourite designs and shortlisting them once you have all of them in your basket and ultimately download them for your personal use with no charge!



Font Freak

Font Freak

Font freak offers over 125,000 free fonts; they can do this because they have decided to work alongside approximately 400 designers. You are allowing them to grow their library of creative fonts further. Additionally, they even offer a feature on their webpage that will enable you to create and edit your fonts that also function on your Mac or PC. This will allow you to discover new fonts that are suitable for your computer. However, if you find that it becomes time-consuming, Font Freak has put in place some tools that can help you save time such as; being able to download a whole library of fonts and designs instead of downloading them individually. 



Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a reliable source in delivering high-quality fonts with no cost! All fonts listed on Font Squirrel are free to use, for commercial use along with many fonts to choose from. Features on the webpage include tags, lists and clarifications to help you refine and browse through every front design to ensure you don’t miss out on any. Besides, they have included a Webfont Generator that brings your ideas to life by creating your own fonts as well as a Font Identifier which detects fonts based on images. Beneficially, Font Squirrel has also made it easier for you to identify the licences for each font before downloading them. 



Creative market


Creative Market is unique in comparison to its competitors because not only do they offer free fonts, but they upload six packages of font types that change each week. Alongside almost 23,000 designers are responsible for contributing to their platform. This allows you to utilise its featured fonts, themes and graphic for no cost each week when they usually would cost a fee to download from another website. Therefore, every week you can check for their updated featured fonts and download an additional 6. You will need to make sure that you keep an eye out because at midnight on Sunday that week’s fonts will have expired, so act fast! Although it is not the end of the world because you can still download them, Creative Market will charge you. 



Font Space

Font Space

FontSpace contains almost 33,000 free fonts available for you to use today. As shown above, FontSpace has structured their page, making it easy for you to browse through their range of fonts categorised under each heading:

  • Trendy
  • Basic
  • Decorative
  • Fun
  • Extreme


All fonts found on FontSpace are free to use made by more than 2,100 different designers across the world. FontSpace has 746,000 members who enjoy their content and download free fonts regularly. They have made it simple for you to identify the licences on each font by purely hovering over any to ensure that you know the licence type before downloading. As demonstrated below above the font design, it clearly states the licence type and name of the designer. 

You can also register to become a member on FontSpace to create your favourite section filled with your top font designs and even contact the designers first hand through the website. 



The Northern Block

The Northern Block


The Northern Block website illustrates the work of award-winning designers. Additionally, to their simplicity and not overly-crowded web page; ensuring that you can navigate and find what you are searching for, almost instantly. The fonts that they have on their page are typically modern and geometric, as shown in the picture above. 




Da Font

DaFont offers a wide range of free fonts available to download on these devices:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

The majority of fonts displayed on DaFont are for personal use with a few having a commercial licence. DaFont differentiates itself from its competitors by its category system, which not many other websites have. This will enable you to scroll through all its fonts collection based on different themes such as; ‘Old School, Mexican, Sans Serif, Horror, Christmas’ and many more. DaFont provides basic instructions guiding you to download free fonts. Simply, narrowing down your search for example if you wanted to utilize fonts for commercial use you would check off ‘public domain’ while you’re searching or if you want them for personal use you can check off “free” to make sure the fonts you’re looking at are not for sale. 



Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts hold over 13,000 high-quality fonts on their platform. Similarly to DaFont, you will need to keep an eye out for individual licences as many of these fonts will likely be on sale for commercial use only. Their platform also offers several fonts for personal use but remember to check the licence before downloading. However, you can filter your font choices or search designers by using its category system for easy browsing. Browsing their visualized categories will make sure you narrow down your options and come across various themes to help you pick the perfect font for you out of a dozen options. Not only can you browse through fonts, but you can also upload your very own to share with other corporations. The differentiation between Abstract Fonts and its competitors is its unique categories such as; 

  • Bloody
  • Minimalist
  • Spiky
  • Stencil
  • Retro

These fonts listed above are different from your traditional styles, i.e. times new roman, sans serif.




Font Struct

FontStruct is a building tool that enables you to create your fonts. However, if your firm has its creative designers, this is perfect for you! FontStruct stands out from its competitors because it encourages businesses to be unique during the difficult times in searching for the best font to suit its brand image with so many options to choose from. Additionally, the platform allows you to download and build your fonts with geometrical shapes for no extra cost alongside features where you can clone fonts from designers you are inspired by to use as towards designing your unique fonts. You will be using tools that generate TrueType fonts using your designs and edit with any app. FontStruct has a gallery full of fonts ranging from more than over 43,000 that have been developed by people just like you. 




1001 Free Fonts


1001 Free Fonts


Despite the brand name “1001 fonts” the webpage holds over 10,000 fonts to choose from so don’t let it fool you. The website is often updated with the newest fonts of high quality to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends. Simply search for fonts by name or category. 1001 Free Fonts allows you to download fonts and also support the designer by donating to them. Therefore, this incentivises designers to upload their font designs onto 1001 Free Fonts rather than other sites. Which will ultimately draw more consumers to their webpage to make sure you will find what you’re looking for.


Conclusion – Free fonds and where to find them

A little reminder if you’re planning to associate fonts with your brand image to make sure you are downloading and installing fonts that are for commercial use only. Font matter. Especially when they are free. You don’t need to spend money on purchasing fonts when there are websites offering free fonts as well as being able to create you’re own unique to your brand. Optimizing your conversation rate and engaging a viewer can heavily rely on your chosen font and typology factors.


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