How to Write a Human Resources Manual

What is a Human Resources Manual?

A Human Resources (HR) Manual, also referred to as an Employee Handbook, is a useful guide for both employers and employees to understand the rules and running of their workplace. An HR Manual can often be referenced in legal cases, so they must be accurate and as in-depth as possible.

[NOTE: Although an Employee Handbook is not required in the UK. What is essential, is that you provide a Contract of Employment for each employee. This can be given before/on the day they start working for you. This is legally binding and is a principal statement of the main conditions of employment.]

How do I put one together?

An HR Manual generally consists of multiple sections. Each section categorizes areas of relevant information, a general overview of employment specifics such as how an employee is expected to conduct themselves at work by following clear guides. Also included is how they should address matters like leave, grievances, disciplinaries and end of employment. There is no limit to how many sections you have, but they usually consist of the following:

It’s a good idea to split the categories into sub-categories too. By doing this, you will help make it easier to follow and less overwhelming as a whole. The better your employees understand the handbook, the fewer issues you’re likely to face in the duration of their employment.

How To Write Human Resources Manual


If you have a group of new starters, do consider an induction day. An induction day will help your new team grow accustomed to their new role and build their initial understanding of the company. It also allows them to ask questions in the comfort of a group situation where they are less likely to feel silly for asking things, as they’re all in a similar boat. This way, you can also gauge their current understanding of the business and make a note of those you feel would excel quickly up the ranks, and support those who might need additional training. Have an Employee Handbook for each person during the induction, and let them know they’re to take them away with them after the day to have a read through at their own pace.


HR Manual


Think about adding divider tabs to your printed manual. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that your text is well distributed on the page. Make good use of white space. Some of you may still not comfortable with the design of your printed manuals, and that’s okay. Have a look at some sample templates for HR manuals here. Alternatively contact our Creative Studio, Fifteen Ninety.

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