Hardback Bound Book Spine Size Guide

If you are producing artwork for your hardback bound book you will need to supply a spine for the book. The book spine can be a separate colour or a mix of colours fading from the front to the back cover. Our book spine guide below will give you the exact measurements for your Hardback Book spines.

When we produce hardback bound books we print a cover sheet. This printed sheet is then laminated in either Matt, Gloss or Soft-touch lamination. Once the cover is laminated it is then pressed onto a hard greyboard that is scored in two places down the middle. Between the two scores is the spine.

Depending on the number of pages, and the thickness of pages the spine will be different.

Hardback Book Spine Sizes

The width of the spine on your book depends on both the weight of the paper and also the number of inside sheets. Read our Book Spine Guide Below.


20 Pages = 2.3mm

40 Pages = 4.4mm

90 Pages = 10mm



20 Pages = 2.5mm

40 Pages = 4.7mm

80 Pages = 10mm



20 Pages = 3mm

40 Pages = 6mm

67 Pages = 10mm

Spine Calculator

Hardback Cover Printing FAQ’s

Can You Print on the Spine of a Hardback Book?

Yes, we can. We can print text, images, photos and logos.

What should be printed on the spine of my book?  

The spine will usually have the title of the book written on it. Use a larger font size so that you can see the title from a distance. It’s also advisable to have the title on either a solid or plain background. This way the title will not get lost in the colours and it will stand out. The title should read from top to bottom. This way if the book is lying flat on a surface the title is not upside down. You can always add a logo or icon at the bottom and this can add a nice touch.

Can I make the spine of my Book bigger?

You can make the spine bigger in two ways. The most popular way is to choose a ticker paper stock. The second way is to add more sheets. You could have some single-sided pages for example. A contents page, a thank you page or some photos throughout the book.

Can you change the spine to make it fit for me?

Yes, we can. When we produce our books our Pre-press team will make sure that the spine fits the book perfectly. If you have not made it quite right we will always fix any issues that we can. If you want us to check anything in particular we are always happy too, just let us know.

Is the spine of my book important?

The short answer is yes it is. When a book is on a shelf with other books it is usually the first thing that people see. If you want your book to be picked out from a bookshelf the spine needs to be clear and stand out. It’s essential that the spine is designed to grab a potential readers attention.

What files do you accept?

We accept Word files, PDF files, InDesign, Publisher and photoshop. We will send you a PDF proof before we go to print. Our pre-press team will check your A4 perfect bound book artwork before printing your paperback books. Our live chat team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.
You can always get in touch if you have any questions or if you need a larger run order or something not shown online. We can always help.

How much does it cost to print and bind a hardback book?

You can get a hardback book printed for as little as £16.00. To get an instant price check out our Hardback book pricing page here.

How can I place an order for a hardback book?

Simply visit our Hardback book printing page, fill in the number of pages, inner printing colours, front cover material and number of copies. Once you are happy with the prices simply upload your file either to our file uploader or through our dedicated Wetransfer site.

What book sizes can I print?

At “More Than Just Print” we offer A4, A5 or 210 x 210mm Hardback bookbinding.

Is Your Paper Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, it is. All of the paper we use is FSC accredited. You can find out about FSC and what it means to our Eco system here.

How long does it take to produce a hardback bound book?

Orders take 4 days to produce, however, if you are looking for something quicker let us know either via e-mail ([email protected]), or via the chatbox below. Weekdays between 9-5 pm. You can always place an order and add any special instructions in the chatbox.

Book Spine Guide

Supplying Artwork For Hardback Bound Books and Spines

We work best with PDF files. You can easily save your book to a PDF file online with www.ilovepdf.com.  The spines are not supplied separately but supplied best as one cover. So the back cover will be on the left, then the spine in the middle, then the front cover. We will need a 3mm bleed for the cover. The spine is wrapped around the edges of the book so don’t have any test that has to be easily read wrap over the edges. Once the cover is put onto the book the scoring will crease any words or images. Have a look at our checklist below for producing a book cover

  • Have you checked to see if the paper size is right?
  • Add a 3mm ‘bleed’ around all of the edges of the book.
  • Please add Crop marks
  • The colours should be set as CMYK.
  • The file should be set to 300dpi.
  • All fonts should be embedded.
  • Have you proofread your cover? A cover with a typo isn’t very good at all!

For more details on preparing your artwork ready for print click our article here.

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To find our about other binding styles read our guide here.

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