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How Do I Apply Window Graphics Without Causing Wrinkles or Bubbles?


Applying window graphics to a surface can be pretty tricky. Read our tips below ” Window Vinyl Installation” to help you instal your window decals up without any bubbles and make your windows look great.

Window decals are a great way to promote your business and get your brand, service or message on display. Window graphics and vinyl window lettering can also be removed without leaving any residue. But window vinyl installation isn’t straightforward if you want a professional result.

Window Vinyl can be cut to any shape (meaning you won’t have a background).

They also are available in two styles. Standard or subsurface, also sometimes called the ‘second surface’. 

What are Standard Window Graphics?

Standard Window graphics are the most popular decal. The adhesive is on the back of the vinyl. These graphics have to put onto the front of the window.

 What are Subsurface Window Graphics? 

Subsurface Window Graphics have the adhesive on the front of vinyl. Subsurface window decals are installed inside the window.


To instal window decals and graphics, it’s easy to make air bubbles or wrinkle the graphics. This doesn’t look professional and ruins the look of the graphics, text or image.

 If you’ve ever applied a screen protector to an iPhone, you have the same issues. All be it, on a larger scale.


Follow our “easy-to-follow” steps for window vinyl installation:

Clean your Surface Area

To get the best results start by thoroughly wiping down the surface area. For the best results, use a branded glass cleaner. This will wipe away any debris and pieces of dirt that will get trapped underneath your decal.

Warning: Ammonia based cleaning products give off gasses and can cause bubbles. DO NOT USE AMMONIA BASED PRODUCTS


Soapy Water for Application

The best way to apply your graphics is to use soapy water.

Add a few drops of washing up liquid into a spray bottle with 1lite of water. This will make an excellent clear spray and the two drops of liquid give the spray a little extra lubricant.

The soapy water will prevent the adhesive from sticking immediately. This makes it easy to squeegee down without trapping any air underneath or wrinkling the graphic.

Next, take a squeegee or piece of flat card and flatten out the graphic on the area.

Positioning Your Graphic

Take your graphic and tack the top to the clean area. Use a piece of masking tape to hold the graphic in place.

Please take a few steps back and make sure that it is in the right location, not too high or too low.

Use a spirit level or measuring tape to ensure that the graphics are in the right place, and straight.




When you’re happy with your graphic’s position, you need to cut a wide piece of tape the same length as the graphic. Then you place this at the top of the graphic. Half of the tape needs to stick to the top of the decal and half will be attached to the window.

 If you lift the bottom of the graphic, keep the top in place with the tape, like a hinge.

Removing The Liner

Lift the graphic from the bottom then remove the protective plastic/paper from the graphic’s reverse.

Make sure you don’t allow the adhesive to touch the glass. 

Don’t Touch The Adhesive (sticky) side with your hands.

Apply From the Top Down-wards

With the graphic lifted and the protective layer removed. 

Lightly spray the surface of the glass. Then spray the adhesive side of the graphic with the soapy water.

Slowly lower the window decal over the sprayed surface—Rember to do this from the Top Downwards.

Squeegee from the Centre Outwards

window vinyl lettering

Have a look at our Vinyl window lettering.

Removing Excess Water

Use your squeegee to force out the water under the graphic. You need to start from the centre and move the squeegee outwards. Apply some firm pressure whilst squeezing the water (and air) out from underneath the graphic.

The graphic should be in place and have no wrinkles or bubbles.

When you’re happy that all of the bubbles and wrinkles have been removed, you can remove your tape. 

Peel the tape from the graphic outwards. Be careful not to pull your decal away from the glass.

window decals


 If this your graphic starts to pull away either spray some more water or wait for it to stick to the glass for a little longer.

You should now be done!

Stand back and hopefully, you can be proud of your installation

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