Standard Book Sizes

Standard book sizes in the U.K. vary depending on the type of book you are looking to publish. There are many reasons why there are different sizes, this is down to economic, practical and artistic reasons. Picking the right size will affect the cost that the printed book costs you (this is important if you are looking to sell the books). If you are looking for the best size to print your book we have detailed the standard book sizes below, in our post “book sizes UK

It will also affect the user’s experience when reading or using your book if its a training manual or instruction manual. Novel or for Children.

If you produce your books at a standard U.K. size, it will be one of the sizes listed in our post below.

Industry Standard Book Sizes UK

Industry Standard sizes are the most economical and practical sizes for producing books in the U.K.
The Industry Standard sizes are always a good starting point if you produce a book for many reasons. It’s not that a book cannot be made in a bespoke size; however, the size of your finished book decides if it will be fit for purpose. Its no good having a book that is too small compared to other books in its niche. It won’t always work on a shelf with similar books.

Book Printing Info

The way pages are printed in groups of page, all printed on one sheet. The sheets are then cut down to size. The standard sizes will get the maximum number of pages on an industry size paper.
There will be less waste, and the books will work out a lot more cost-effective.


The sizes of hardback covered books are measured by the book block’s size, not the cover size.

standard book sizes uk


Books Sizes in mm

A6 148mm X 105mm
A Format 178mm x 111mm
B Format (U.K.) 198mm x 129mm
B Format (U.S.) 203mm x 127mm
A5 210mm X 148mm
Penguin 111mm x 181mm
Demy 216mm x 138mm
American Royal 229mm x 152mm
Royal 234mm x 156mm

Square 210mm x 210mm

square book


What size is Royal Book?

Royal book size is a book that is 234mm x 156mm. A Royal book is a large -format sized book that is used for novels and biographies. You will usually find Royal sized books in hardcover form.

Is there a standard book template in Microsoft Word?

Yes, Microsoft Word has several book templates within the application. Various sizes and formats are available, all depending on the type of book that you are writing.

What’s the best size for a novel?

Novels are produced mainly in Royal. However, A5 is also a popular size for a novel.

What’s the best size for an autobiography

Autobiographies are printed in both Royal and A5 size.

What is the best size for a book of poems?

The best size for a book of poems is either A5 or A6 .


What’s the best size to produce a children’s book?

Children’s books are best printed in anything from A5 to A3. For a smaller children’s book, A4 and A3 books are the most popular. They are bigger and have space for larger text. For older children, A5 to A4 books are popular.

What’s the standard size of a training manual

Training manuals are nearly always printed in A4 size. This makes the manuals easy to read and will fit inside standard box files and lever arch files. If you are attending a course and there are handouts, they can be printed in the popular A4 size. This will fit inline with the A4 training manual. When the training manual is laid flat, it will be a little bigger than the A3 size.

wirebound manual

At “More Than Just Print” we offer various printing options for your books. We can print softback, or perfect bound square books, A4 hardback books , softback A5 and Royal size books, and we can even print personalised printed bookmarks.

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