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Print your books and brochures in style with More Than Just Print. Many styles are available to suit your needs.


Here at ‘More Than Just Print’ we have been printing all types of books for over 40 years and have perfected the art of book making for all types of businesses, from small local businesses to large corporate company’s.

We have a team of amazing account managers, talented designers, and experienced production staff that have been with the printing family for more than 15 years, with our state of the art printers you will find yourself in good company.

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Types Of Book Printing

Perfect Bound Books

If your document is too thick to be saddle-stitched or stapled, then perfect bound book printing is your perfect option.

From paper bound books to our latest award winning video broachers, we have just about have every type of book printing that suits your needs. Our Perfect bound books are a very popular choice in 2020. perfect bound books can be ordered in small volumes as well as big and are usually used for magazines, broachers and thicker booklets.

whether you’re publishing a bestseller book or producing a glossy manual, we are here to help.

Wire Bound Books

In its simplest term wire binding involves gathering pages together, punching holes in the side and holding them together with a wire spine.

Wire binding is ideal for annual reports, recipe books, manuals and other reference material. Ordering from ‘More Than Just Print’ gives you a choice of materials. Pick from either silk, gloss or a matt finish on the option bar.

Soft Bound Books

Our Softback Bound books are printed using the latest printing technology and finished in-house by our highly skilled print finishing department. We offer A5 books and A4 books, from 210mm x 210mm books and royale size books on request. Email [email protected] for a bespoke quote.

Hard Back Books

Similar to soft bound books, hard back books are professionally made.  Using our digital print technology, The Printroom group offers low quantity print runs as well as one copy upwards. Hard back books are very popular within the print industry and are mostly used for photobooks, training books, novels and much more.  We offer A5 and A4 books.

We only use thermal glue to perfect bind our books as it is much stronger and more lasting than the usual hot glue. thermal binding is more tolerant to higher and lower temperatures as is very flexible and non-brittle, meaning books open flatter without cracking the spine or pages falling out.

If you’re interested in hard back books click here to find out more.

Stapled Brochures

Stapled Brochures or saddle stitching as its known in the printing industry terms means binding pieces of paper together using staples along the spine. Staples Brochures gives you a professional, sharp and vibrant colour at low prices.

A5 staple brochures are the most popular brochure in 2020 here at ‘More Than Just Print’. They are a great way to present reports, magazines, corporate brochures, newsletters, employee handbooks, marketing brochures, manuals, and much more.

On the other hand we offer square stapled brochures that look amazing for exhibitions, product launches, menus and promotions. Printed on the latest Canon Digital Presses and professionally scored, cut and bound by our production team here at Bracknell.

A4 Stapled Booklets

Bigger than the smaller A5 booklets, with A4 stapled booklets you have the room to add more photos and information. They are great for use as magazines, or for reports and company publications. They are also more cost-effective than our A4 brochures. This makes them Great as programmes for shows or for use in Schools and Colleges.

Custom Printed Planners

Custom printed Planners have become more popular in 2020. With so much of our lives being online, printed planners are an escape from the screen and popular amongst people for all sorts of everyday living. Personalised, custom printed Planners are a smart gift & excellent Marketing Tool.

Planners are usually used for to-do lists, diary’s etc. shopping lists and notes are generally used in a planner. pick from A4 to A5 sizes.

Printed Bookmarks

Give your customers a bookmark as a low cost gift. they are great for marketing and look great! from cheap prices to different finishes our Canon printers offer lots of unique styles. you can choose double or single sided printed bookmarks.

Designs can be easily created with our professional designs team. just get in touch now at [email protected]

Why Use Us?

The Printroom Group was founded in 1977. We started printing simple building plans for small local companies and grew from there!

Over time we started printing various types of business stationary for example business cards and letterheads. By the early 1990s, we had invested in our first colour copier and had expanded to employ over 20 members of staff. During this time, we invested heavily in the latest machinery and our employees.

This continued investment has helped us grow into one of the most respected and longest established print companies in the UK. Now working with huge companies including Technogym, Oracle,Jägermeister, Krispy Kreme and much more.

Customer service is number one on our list here at ‘More Than Just Print’. Whether it would be dealing with one customer through to big corporate companies, we ensure you’re in safe hands.

If you would like to look at previous work we have done please check out our news page.

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