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Wallpaper printing UK

More Than Just Print offers printed wallpaper of the highest quality. We can print to any size wall. We supply the wallpaper in strips measuring between 490mm and 1000mm wide. Let us know what works best for you and we will supply strips at your desired width. All wallpaper is printed in the UK.

Transform your workplace or a specific room in your house into an engaging, cool and interesting place to work/live. Here at ‘More Than Just Print’ we offer a complete solution for wallpaper printing. Therefore allowing you to express and emphasise your work ethos and company culture, with the range of products that we offer. Ultimately, motivating employees and impressing clients. Creating an enjoyable environment to relax at home after a challenging day – be prepared to unwind with our wallpaper printing. We can produce a wide range of products that will inevitably transform your house into a home and even bring your office to life. Just like our large format printing that we offer, our custom wallpaper brightens up any room and makes it look spectacular.

Washable wallpaper is not something you can find anywhere, that is why at ‘More Than Just Print’ we believe you’re getting more! any questions that you may have please feel free to contact us.

Why Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a unique way of getting the attention of everyone who walks into the room. A great way to decorate high traffic areas in your house but also into your business. Our washable wallpaper is easy to clean and hugely maintainable. Although wallpaper gives a clean feel to any room we can guarantee that any high-quality image we print onto our wallpaper, will look fantastic. Feel free to check out our blog page to find tips on wallpapers.

How can I be creative with my walls?

We see a wall as a blank canvas and an opportunity to customize. However, sometimes, even our wide range of colourful, simple and graphic wallpaper may not be exactly what you were looking for.  Above all, you might want a completely black wall? or you could want a pattern you designed yourself on the wallpaper? Besides less is more, right?

Anything you desire, our team will always be helpful as much as we can.

How much does wallpaper cost?

The price of our custom wallpaper varies. In short, we measure our wallpaper in meters. Our calculator tells you how many rolls you need to how much the price will be. If you’d like to see your total amount, please click here to enter your measurements.

Product (Pasteable Wallpaper)

  • Our Pastable Wallpaper is of premium quality for high-traffic public and commercial spaces too.
  • It has the highest of specifications with outstanding durability. And immaculate print results. Unlike other wallpaper printing suppliers.
  • Our custom wallpaper is ideal for long-term commercial installations. It is a heavyweight fabric-backed, non-woven polyester wallpaper
  • Custom wallpaper from us is washable. It’s also scratch-resistant too. As well as being easy to install
  • EN13501 fire rating which is essential for public spaces. This is important for wallpaper printing in the UK.
  • A unique selling point of our Pastable Wallpaper is that it is a ‘Paste the wall’ product. So you don’t have to paste the back of the media
  • Printed wallpaper printing UK.
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