Coffee Shop Marketing in 2021

Coffee shop Marketing is an important part of bringing in customers to your coffee shop or cafe. With the likes of big chains like Starbucks and Costa Coffee on the High Street, you have to be able to compete. Maybe not globally, or even nationally but using some of these ideas below you can compete in your own Town, Village or City Centre. 

After the major lockdowns across the country, last year Marketing your Coffee shop is going to be even more important in 2021. A post-Covid world is going to be more competitive and business will have to compete for even more to gain valuable clients. 

When running your coffee shop, you need to be prepared to enter one of the most competitive markets in the industry. Remember, you are selling a commodity. Therefore, customer satisfaction is vital. The service and experience you provide will represent your coffee shop and determine customer satisfaction. An outstanding level of customer satisfaction will ultimately transform your new consumer into a loyal customer.

The objective is to convert your coffee shop into a high-end cafe running first place on the high street so that you become the ‘go-to’ cafe in your local community. This will ensure that there is a constant flow to keep your coffee machines operating and employees on their feet. Think about what makes your coffee shop stand out from its competitors, what makes you unique? Once you have established your USP, then you can try different marketing strategies and what will work best for your target audience


Continue reading to learn more about improving your marketing strategy to reach a wider community with coffee shop marketing.

menu designs

Customer Loyalty


Loyal customers will ensure and secure a successful customer base at your coffee shop and also improve your coffee shops brand image. Once a consumer has shown an interest in your coffee shop and has become loyal it is likely that they will begin to spread your name into existence by sharing their experience to friends and family. This marketing strategy is known to spread through word of mouth. More customers will now visit your coffee shop. Not only have you built a loyal customer base, but you have also increased brand loyalty. This means that your consumers will continue to return to your coffee shop for the goods you sell ie latte.

Starbucks and Costa’s are a great example of a coffee shop who have successfully built their brand image upon loyal customers. Thus allowed the coffee firm to escalate their potential in risk-taking and promote its products to a broader menu offering cold drinks and cafe food knowing they had a strong loyal customer base behind them.



Drawing in consumers heavily relies on the location of your coffee shop. This is not really part of Coffee shop marketing, but an important part of building your coffee shop business. The more convenient location will lead to a higher quantity of customers walking in. Therefore, brand visibility will attract more customers and will guarantee growth and rise sales. However, for your coffee shop to boom and attract consumers beyond your location, you will need to think about implementing several marketing strategies.

Marketing your coffee shop will enlarge your business profile massively. Create awareness by producing various printing strategies such as; leaflets with the location of your coffee shop and goods you sell on them. With many marketing options to choose from remember that your competitors are all doing the same. Secondary research will help you find out the best method of advertisement that is best suited for your coffee shop.

Consider all your options and pick the ones that are affordable and are easy to use to help increase customer base and revenue. Once you have done this, then ask yourself ‘does this set my coffee shop apart from competitors?’ If the answer is no, I have listed a few ideas to choose from below to get you started:


Marketing Strategies


Place pavement signs outside.

Signs are useful and can be placed almost everywhere. These can be placed on pavements pointing customers in the right direction towards your coffee shop. Alternatively, you could promote a seasonal product or deals on your pavement sign to drive more customers into your coffee shop.  Chalkboards are exceptionally inexpensive and radiate an authentic and rustic feel to your coffee shop. You can also reuse chalkboard pavement signs on several occasions to simply keep your coffee shop fresh and innovative.

Pavement signs are proven to be a massive marketing strategy recently and are trending all over social media. Demonstrated in the diagram below shows that the simplest way to earn new customers is by making your coffee shop eye-catching to grab the attention of people passing by. Therefore, you must invest in your interior decor and shop front to appeal to people walking by.

Printed wallpaper creates a great experience in your coffee shop, and it’s relatively cheap considering the way it totally transforms the inside of your space.


Swing Sign

A-board, swing sign for retail outlets.

Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok)

Social media sites are convenient for reaching bigger audiences and securing customer engagement. Facebook and Instagram are one of the most cost-effective ways to build your coffee shop brand. If you are not on any of these platforms in 2021 you just won’t have a voice for your coffee shop, marketing your coffee shop using the platforms effectively will broaden your coffee shop visibility seen as it is the biggest marketing tool of the century. It will allow you to promote your goods and services to generate more sales. However, you must post regularly on each platform to gain more likes.

Posting on social media will help you promote your menus and seasonal products; these posts can range from photos, status’ and videos illustrating your baristas in action. Besides, you could even share your very own blog posts with a link taking the recipient to your coffee shop website.

The stats show that to really get a grip of building your brand you need to be posting up to seven times a day. This is a lot of work for a coffee shop owner, but you can create an account with Hootsuite. You can then spend a few hours creating posts and then scheduling them through the week. You should be repeating the same post every now and then too, it doesn’t matter. If you can put aside maybe two hours a week scheduling posts you will be able to have a lot of posts scheduled all of the time throughout your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Use Twitter too and Snapchat for the under 25’s market. Tik Tok is growing massively so you can hit this platform too. It can all be done at once on Hootsuite.


Social Media Advertising For Free

Facebook in Cafe

One idea to help with your coffee shop marketing online is to hand out little loyalty cards to customers to ask them to #your coffee shop (click here to read our article on hashtags) along with a photo of themselves in your coffee shop. You can even incentivise them to do this with a free cake or new product.

You may think that you are giving away products but this gives two advantages. Firstly your customers are effectively advertising your coffee shop for you, to all of their friends. Secondly, if they like the product that they get free then they will hopefully purchase it next time they visit. However, if the free cake or other product is available on their next visit, you know they are going to re-visit, and they won’t have a cake without a coffee. You can pick up loyalty cards from our site here. They are relatively cheap so its not big money that is being spent.


Offer free wifi

Providing free wifi could be considered a marketing idea. However, you may be wondering how providing free wifi is a marketing technique due to it being a service? Well, if you offer free wifi around your coffee shop, then it will encourage your customers to stay in your coffee shop longer, implying the longer they stay, the more likely they are to purchase a product from you and make them want to return. You could also add some additional features to your free wifi page so that when your customer logs in you could have your Facebook page pop up with a request to leave a review or a ‘like’ to your coffee shop’s page so that they can see your posts on their wall.

It is stated in the diagram below that consumers spend over 60% more time in shops with free wifi and spend 50% more money then they would do in a cafe that does not offer free wifi. A coffee shop without free WiFi simply won’t work as well as a coffee shop without it. Business people can bring in laptops, schoolchildren can sit on their phones and everyone can check their social media whilst in your coffee shop. Spending money on your food and coffee.

Have a look at and Guest WiFi who provide a popular WiFi service, especially aimed at Coffee shops.

Coffee Shop Wifi

Offer an incentive to visit

Incentives are a great way to draw first-time buyers into your coffee shop. First-time customers are usually easily persuaded by the following incentives: discounts, extra reward points, free sample products, bonus upgrade on a membership card and many more. Incentives with impact work well with new and loyal consumers. Make it fun and engage your customers.

You could carry out a contest. This would be an excellent opportunity to add onto your existing leaflet by applying perforated edging to them, featuring your offer. Once your offer is in place, you can then hand out your leaflets on the streets to people walking by; this will encourage them to stop off at your coffee shop. Offering a sample piece of cake when they buy your new Lattee, or espresso for example. If you are offering free pieces of food with a drink people will have to buy the drink. Don’t offer something popular free either, offer something new, something exclusive to you. This will mean that if they like what you are giving them they will increase sales in your coffee shop when they revisit.




Leaflets are cost-effective and quick to print, which is ideal for last-minute orders. Traffic stopping people who appear to fit in your target audience is convenient.  In which can take place in the streets (in areas your target market would be located, i.e. train station, bus stop) to distribute accordingly by offering leaflets out. Your leaflet has to portray the experience that your client will get in your coffee shop. Is it cheap and cheerful, sophisticated and smart, loud and fast…whatever the experience your leaflet has to portray that.

Popular leaflets are A5 size, however, you can use a DL folded leaflet, it’s slightly more expensive but will double up as a menu. Go for a 170gsm for a six-page DL menu (like below) and a 130gsm stock for an A5 leaflet. If you are not sure on your paperweights (because your busy being a coffee connoisseur) then click here to order one of our paperweight swatches.


menu leaflet

A menu leaflets 3 page DL, or commonly known as a 6pp DL, or tri-fold leaflet.

Leaflet & Flyers

A5 Leaflets are cost-effective and a Great Marketing Opportunity…even in this Digital Age.


Table Talkers

Table talkers are a highly affordable method to showcase a promotion, e.g. deal used to catch the eye of a customer while eating or deciding to eat. T It is ideal for placing items on them to let everyone know that they can’t be missed! It will help customers engage with your coffee shop and understand your brand. Each table talker is manufactured with a  thicker paper type, varying from 350 to 457gsm; allowing them to stand up independently either vertically or horizontally. Table talkers consist of three sides inferring that you can advertise several different promotions on a single table talker. The benefits of utilising table talker:

  • Draws customers attention
  • Makes your lesser-known products stand out
  • Promotes seasonal trends
  • Advertise upcoming events
  • Makes your deals known


A table talker is a great way of advertising in both coffee shops and cafes

Print marketing

Print Business reported a rise of 4.5% during November 2015 in the use of direct mail for marketing campaigns. September 2019 the figure increased to an average between 5% and 9% connoting a significant increase and demand for direct mail. Currently, the use of print in the marketing mix is at a high and continues to rise over the recent years.

Digital media is good, however its not always the right fit for a coffee shop, yes use Social media..and use it a lot. But also make sure that you tie it in with traditional coffee shop marketing like Loyalty cards, printed signage, a classy window and a brand that portrays your coffee shop experience.

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