Designing and Printing a Menu

Remember, menu printing is what makes your brand stand out. So it is important to be tasteful and unique. Before splashing your cash into dining worthy printable menu cards; consider the atmosphere, cuisine and surroundings of your venue.

Helpful questions to ask yourself before starting the design manufacturing process of your menu:

Designing and printing a menu

Where is your venue situated?

Consider the venue type you are designing printed menus for, is it a; restaurant, bar, pub or cafe? Do you want to provide your consumers with a premium or continental feel at the accommodation? The type of service you offer relies on first impressions in the ways you reflect the facilities of your venue along with the quality of the meal and beverage setting. Consider utilising online menu printing which is cost-effective and easy to access. For example, a fish and chip shop will inevitably market and locate themselves differently in comparison to a high-end restaurant such as STK and menus will look very different from a street shop’s menu card. 


menu design

What hours is your venue operating from?

Does your menu revolve around the day catering goods from breakfast, lunch to dining dinner at your cuisine? Operating from morning until night implies that customers will be in constant contact with your menu cards. Maybe you want to produce different menus depending on the seasons ranging from holidays, Christmas, Easter and so on.


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What type of food do you have to offer?

Is your venue a jack of all trades? Offering all services like a buffet or are you a brand that bakes pizzas, cakes or even home-made pies fresh out the oven to impress your customers? Well, either way, it is worth clarifying what you serve on a menu allowing customers to navigate your options easily to find the right category that caters to their taste buds. Be clear to illustrate the type of restaurant you are; customers like to know if they are buying at an a la carte or d’hote. An a la carte is a restaurant that offers their consumers to purchase separate items rather than part of a set meal, i.e. tapas. Whereas, at a d’hote restaurant, you will find the menu offering multi-course meals with only a few choices that are charged at a total fixed price. 

Bangladeshi christmas food menu


What type of customers are you attracting? 

You may be running a fish and chip shop that brings in many various people for a delicious snack. However, for that reason, it is crucial to ensure that you are catering to your consumers’ needs, especially if they require a particular dietary such as; vegan, vegetarian, or even athletes. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to create a separate menu that includes a wide range of particular dietary choices to opt from. Informing your customer with the use of healthy ingredients is thoughtful in regards to their personal preferences. It will increase the likelihood in them returning and becoming a repeat consumer due to catering to their needs. 

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Personalised Menu Cards: Three design hacks that you may be missing within your printable menus:

Leaflet & Flyers

Highlight products you want to focus on selling the most:

To make sure your consumers don’t miss out on your best-selling meals or meal of the day. Highlight them through a variety of graphic and design choices. Attaching pictures of your delicious meals to your menus is known by research to increase the likelihood in new consumers purchasing the exact meal and rise sales. Be sensible with the number of pictures you include as this can oppositely draw the attention away from your full range of food choice. One image per page is enough. However, photos are not often utilised in high-end restaurants; in contrast, they emphasise their meals through the selection of wording they use to ensure that they keep a premium touch. 


Rowans menu

Restrict to a certain number of items per page with a print menu:

A cluttered menu is not presentable to consumers. Consumers are more likely to purchase from you when they are not being overwhelmed by choices. You must limit the number of menu items per page. Possibly place each different category and menu items on different pages. For example, an Italian restaurant will lay out their menu with starters on page one, pasta choices on page two, pizza options on page three and gelatos on page four. As a result, this enables you to focus heavily on perfecting your menu descriptions, persuading your consumers to try something new on your menu.

DL Menu

Flight shy of listing your prices in a separate column with restaurant menu printing

Listing your prices in a separate column within your print menu cards will push your customer’s attention to the price, whereas you want the focal point to be your cuisine’s taste. As a result, this influences your consumer to go for the cheaper option over the dish itself. To encourage your customer to let down their hair, forget about money and enjoy your food – you should consider placing the price directly under the items description with the same font as the descriptive text and with the absence of the currency symbol. This will, therefore, draw the attention of the money and onto the dish. 



The Print Menu: A useful method you should consider to stop potential prospects throwing away your print menu cards…

Secure engagement with your consumers. Promote your firm with a takeaway menu printing but offer your consumers an incentive to ensure that they keep your menu cards. You could include a reward scheme alongside affordable menu cards in order to activate successful customer engagement. This could be placed on the back of your menu card with a stamp area to persuade your consumers to return back to your cuisine with the intent to purchase more of your food to fill the stamp area up in order to be rewarded with a free item of the menu. By the time the consumer has filled the stamp area up,


they would have returned to your establishment on several different occasions and would have tasted a few different items on your menu including the freebie in which will entice them to return the next time they are looking to eat out.

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