Tips For Re-Branding Your Office

Are you looking for ideas on office re-branding? if you are read some tips below to get you started on your re-branding project. For ideas on what products can help you re-brand your office have a look at the links at the bottom of this article.

Planning your Office Re-Branding

If you either have your own premises or are thinking of re-branding an existing office, planning is an essential part of the office re-branding process. Firstly gain some input from key employees in the company. Find out what’s important to them, what spaces they need and what they don’t need.
This will help you design a space that employees will work to their maximum potential. It will help to create a good atmosphere in the office too.
With various input from the whole team, you will gain a clear insight into your company, the brand and the people in the company.

Let Your location Inspire Your Office Rebranding.

The location of your office can inspire your rebranding. If you are situated in a wooded area with lots of trees and open spaces, this can inspire the decor.
You can also use the history of your location to inspire your rebranding. One of our clients was based in Bristol. They

commissioned us to both design and produce a large printed canvass incorporating the architecture, traditions and scenery of Bristol. This large canvas was proudly displayed in their reception area.
With any location, you can display local landmarks and incorporate the history of the Town or City where you are based.

Client & Employee Areas – Office Re-Branding

Try taking a different approach to both client and employee areas when you are rebranding your offices. For client areas have more of an emphasis on your brand, services and products.
Your staff areas have more of a relaxed approach and an emphasis on Company Culture and motivational quotes.
And your employees need to have a comfortable working space that inspires and motivates them. However, your clients also need to motivate but also be excited and encouraged to purchase your products or services.

Focus on Your Brand – Office Re-Branding

Your office rebranding should focus on your brand, your story.
Whatever industry you are in your office decor should represent this. Your company story can be celebrated through exciting design within your offices.
Focusing on your brand can give you many ideas to work with, whether this is using branded wallpapers and vinyl graphics to furniture styles and colours.

Be aware of How your Office Works

Its good for your Company offices to look good, however, it also needs to be able to function well. When you are re-branding your office think about what employees need. If you need private meeting areas take this into consideration, if you need collaborative places again, this should be taken into account.
Where you need Teams working with each other open-plan offices with ‘hot desks’ are a good idea. But you have to be aware of how the office functions so that your Team can work to their best capabilities.

Don’t Get Too Flash!

Don’t try and go over the top with flashy decor and expensive tables if that’s, not the image you want to portray. Charities and PLC’s can look like they are wasting Shareholders money with expensive decor. It can also look like your showing off to clients and overcharging on services. Office re-branding is something that needs to be budgeted correctly. There is a fine line between being exciting, modern and inspiring and being wasteful and flash.

Office re-branding Products

For ideas on your office re-branding project have a look at some of the products that we supply.

Logo Wall Stickers

We have logo wall stickers that come in any shape or size. They can be cut out so they fit onto walls and windows. They don’t have to be just a logo either, you can have any graphic that you need printed and cut out.

Logo Wall Sticker

Die Cut Wall Vinyl

We can print any shape or image and this can be applied to any wall or flat surface. Our Die cut wall vinyl is a popular product foe re-branding your office. This can transform a dull wall into something more exciting and motivational.

Die cut vinyl

Bespoke Door Graphics

Printed door vinyl is applied to doors and can transform any door in your office. It can be a continuation of wall graphics or can stand alone. The door wraps totally transform doors in your office.


Door vinyl

Custom Printed Wallpaper

Printed with any image or graphic, printed wallpaper is the perfect solution for any office re-branding project. The wall paper is a high grade industrial wallpaper and images are really sharp and colours are vibrant.

office re-furb

Canvass Printing

Printed canvases are also a popular product for office re-branding. Ay image can be printed onto our canvas material. Each canvas is hand framed onto a wooden frame. They are easy to hang, look stylish and can be changed easily.

Bespoke canvas printing for birthday, mothers day, Christmas and gift


Frosted Window Vinyl

Frosted window vinyl is perfect for Office windows, and glass doors. The vinyl doesn’t totally block out the light, however its translucent so is a popular choice when we are re-branding offices.

window graphics


Branded Floor Mats

Branded floor mats add an extra touch to your branded office. Printed in full colour the mats add something extra to your office, and compliment any branding on walls and windows.

Floor Mat

Floor Stickers

Cut to any shape floor stickers can add some fun to your office, or be used as directional signage.

Floor Graphics


Printed Foamex Boards

Printed Foamex Boards are available in A3-A0 sizes as standard, however they can be cut to any specific size. The printed boards are lightweight yet sturdy. They are ideal for making into hanging signs and for attaching onto walls as an alternative to standard poster printing.

Printed Foamex Boards

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